The meaning of Pachamanka comes from the Quechua language: Pachá= land & Manka= pot, a very important celebration of the Inka culture in harvest times! 

Which was the practice of digging a hole and cooking inside of it with the help of hot stones, then covered with leaves and soil, the inkas show gratitude with this ceremony to mother earth. 

Pachamanka street food was an idea since 2019 but it was born in that unforgettable confinement due to the covid-19 pandemic, a project wanting to see the light and made its first appearance in Barcelona. 

Pachamanka’s philosophy is based on using the product as the main protagonist, bringing sensations and flavors of Peru in each bite, adapting to the local environment always with Peruvian roots as a base, our proposal of high quality Peruvian cuisine combine and the pairing of peruvian drinks and cocktails make this experience an unforgettable moment.

We believe that our main objective with Pachamanka is to bring the peruvian flavor, celebration and good quality kitchen to your house, working with professional staff, with the best quality, fresh products, and the latest standards on food service that’s why we assure you that you will enjoy each dish and suggestion from our chef Alan Culqui. Stay tuned for upcoming news!

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